Hello there

If you were expecting the full British Birds of Prey website, complete with an Identify tool, species information and many more, then please read down about what’s happening with the website.

The current state

As the website was originally a web thesis project at University of Greenwich when I was studying for the Master’s in Web Design & Content Planning. I planned to keep the website going beyond the Master’s when it fulfilled the criteria for the thesis project.

Plans for the future

What I’m hoping to do is to integrate the information from the original website, and to improve it with the next version. The identifying tool is a crucial component of the website, and it will be included in the next version, albeit in a different way.

Moving the website

As part of the move from a paid web hosting to GitHub Pages which is kinder on my wallet, it does mean that the identifying tool which relies on PHP & MySQL would not work, so I am currently looking at ways of producing the same functionality as the original Identify tool does via JavaScript.

Changing the content management system

The original website was powered by Kirby which is an excellent CMS in itself. I am however looking to use Jekyll with the next version, as it plays nicer with GitHub Pages and not to mention that it is quite quick because it’s all static pages which will aid with the approach to thinking that not everyone has a fast Internet connection while walking around the countryside.

Watch this space!